Groom Professional Mulled Orange Shampoo 4L

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Groom Professional Mulled Orange Shampoo The Groom Professional brand is fast becoming one of Europe’s favourite pet grooming brands and these shampoos are the driving force behind the brand’s success. All shampoos are manufactured in the UK and use top quality ingredients. Many natural extracts are used in the production of the shampoos to ensure a top quality finish. Most of the shampoos are designed with a specific need in mind, meaning there is something for every groomer and breed. A new festive shampoo for 2014! The Mulled Orange Shampoo has a zesty blend of orange, wrapped in warm cinnamon. Also has notes of clove and nutmeg, with fruity hints of apple and lemon all on a vanilla base. The ultimate scent of Christmas cheer! Suitable for all coat types Deep Cleansing shampoo Leaves coats soft and shiny coat. Dilutes 12:1
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