Luxor Lx-3000 Finishing Dryer With Stand

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LX-3000 Finishing Dryer with Stand Superior quality finishing dryer which features a high-tech, brushless, digital system to adjust speed and temperature cleverly to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and provide the ultimate finish. The digital system features a memory, meaning it will remember your previous heat and speed setting when you turn the machine off. No having adjust the speed and heat until you get it 'just right'! Features an LED indicatior which shows the speed and heat - also helping to reduce guesswork. Features an Anion Generator to effectively remove static - which is very problematic during grooming, especially finer and longer coats. The Japanese motor is designed with less maintenance, making this perfect for the busy salon. lt has components within the motor have 'automatic synchronisation' to prevent friction and overheating. The heating element is made from Mica and features a thermal overload cutout to prevent damage to the machine. The stand also keeps the groomer in mind - the uniquely shaped base fits better under tables, allowing you to get the dryer closer to the dog. The nozzle rotates 360°. With the unique memory settings and stand design, you can keep your hands and tools on the dog, allowing you to focus on the groom. With a low noise of 85dB, it is very quiet. 1800W. 12 month warranty.
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