Pozer Fly Away Shampoo 4L

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Pozer Fly Away Shampoo Pozer is the exciting new grooming range from Christies Direct. Mixing fun, funky and functionality, Pozer is a professional product range which can be used by pet owners and professional grooming salons. Pozer is a revolutionary range with contemporary, innovative packaging and design in each product, never before seen in the grooming industry. We all know Fly away hairs can ruin the look of any sofa or carpet, so help control shedding with this shampoo! Contains a range of ingredients to help impede shedding. Unique blend of conditioning and fortifying ingredients remove loose hair, while the added protein helps strengthen the hair follicle to reduce shedding between baths. Suitable for short and longer breeds. Leaves a soft, fresh coat. Ideal to use in the salon before using a shed stopper. Reduce shedding with this Shampoo! Coat Type - Shedding coats Dilutes at 12:1 Scent - Fresh
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