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The new go-to brand for all things home grooming with products from shampoos to grooming tools. Furrish aims to create a pleasurable at home grooming experience using trusted and gentle products for every stage of a dog’s life.

With products gentle enough for all skin types, but tough enough for the most adventurous, the Furrish range includes everything you might need with each product developed for quality and effectiveness



Bath time is the perfect opportunity for customers to bond with their Furrish Friend and we want to make this time fun for both. Furrish helps pet owners buy products so they can easily provide bath time at home!


Keep Furrish Friends free from mats and tangles, and their shedding under control with regular brushing.  Whether your precious pup requires occasional or regular grooming, Furrish will help keep them preened to perfection and always cuddle ready.


We all know a healthy dog is a happy dog.  From dental care to pet proofing your home, Furrish provide a comprehensive guide to keeping your Furrish Friend healthy inside and out.