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In 1978, Mary Grossman was a single mother raising her daughter when they decided to move to Huntington Beach, Ca. There she saw an opportunity to purchase a small pet store. At the time, she had one part-time groomer and was working seven days a week from 7a.m. to 7p.m. After working many long hours, Mary’s business grew into a very successful pet grooming and retail operation. Mary’s commitment to the highest quality motivated her to continuously search for the best products. When she met Joseph Meeks, a chemist, her search was over and together, they came up with formulas that produce products that were safe and effective for pets. A new manufacturing business was established in 1986. It started as a small shop with only six products and eight employees. Nature’s Specialties from its humble beginning has grown and developed into a large factory with 96 products, some of them are recipients of prize winning products in the industry. In line with its enormous growth, Nature’s Specialties acquired additional tanks, equipment, and increased its employees. The company enhanced its sales growth and developed sales and distributors both in national and international markets.

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