Whether your customers are starting a new business selling pet grooming products or they
want to add great new products to their current range, these will be the in-demand products that pet professionals and pet owners will be shopping for in 2022. We have talked to professional groomers, researched industry trends, and analysed sales to create this 2022 Best Seller list. These high-quality and great value products will keep you ahead of your competitor.

Fast Dri Spray (Available in 1l and 4l)

 Time is money when grooming and anything that can reduce drying time in the salon is a win for your customers. Introducing Fast Dri spray! Available in 3 scents (Classic, First Love, and Ocean Breeze), Fast Dri spray will dramatically reduce drying time without affecting coat structure or leaving any residue. 

Hyperclens Spray

Salon hygiene will continue to be an important subject for groomers well into 2022 and this easy-to-use aerosol surface spray, with a fresh lemon scent, leaves behind a super sterile surface. 

It prevents cross-contamination and limits the spread of bacteria and disease, plus it is bleach free.

Fresh Breath Foamer

With a global rise in awareness about pet oral health, groomers and pet owners will be looking for innovative and convenient products to care for pets’ teeth.  

This Fresh Breath Foamer, part of the Groom Professional Fresh range, is 99% natural, easy to apply and targets those hard-to-reach areas preventing the build-up of plaque and tartar. It is naturally sweetened with mint to provide a more pleasurable experience for the dog.

Plum Silky Shampoo

In Q3 we announced that we were the new European Master distributor for Nature’s Specialties. This is one of America’s bestselling premium shampoo ranges for pets and Plum Silky shampoo is their no.1 seller. 

We expect this brand to take Europe by storm, so stay ahead, and add Nature’s Specialties to your next order including the top selling Plum Silky Shampoo, which also features a conditioner and cologne in the range. This shampoo deep cleans, conditions, leaves the coat more manageable, and adds shine – what more could a groomer want?

Big K & Big G

These are the bestselling brushes in the Chris Christensen range. 

They are long-lasting and make brushing out long coats a breeze. These miracle brushes fluff the coat, detangle, and style with their soft, and scratch-free pins. The Big K and Big G are particularly popular in the show world – and as more and more shows return, stocking these brushes is essential for pet grooming retailers. 

Aureus Scissors 

The Aureus Scissor collection from Dezynadog launched in Q4. These is perfect for groomers who require a sharp, effortless cut. Developed from high-quality Chinese VG10 Stainless Steel, they retain perfect sharpness, allowing groomers to achieve golden grooms for longer. Crafted with a convex edge for a smooth cut from every angle, they leave a perfect finish on every groom.

Available in straight, curved, thinner, and chunker models as well as lefty options, this range also includes the new popular curved chunker style

Each model is finished with a striking, unique tension screw and soft rubber finger inserts for comfortable, all-day use and come with a beautiful and protective DezynaDog branded black case.

Oat-So Soothing Shampoo

Launched for pre-order in Q3 as part of the new Furrish collection and available from early 2022, Oat-so Soothing Shampoo is a specially formulated deep-cleaning, hypoallergenic shampoo that is suitable for the muckiest of pups, but especially those with dry or sensitive skin.

A rich, powerful combination of Colloidal Oatmeal and Aloe Vera means that this shampoo will gently, but effectively clean the coat while reducing skin irritation, hydrating the skin, and adding moisture.

Hygiene Wipes (paw & body, ear and teeth wipes)

Industry trends show wipes are becoming more and more popular as a convenient way to clean pets. Historically wipes were made from artificial materials such as polyester and were a big environmental problem as they weren’t biodegradable.

Furrish wipes however are biodegradable, something that was crucial to the brand and its target customer. They are safe for everyday use and a convenient product for pet owners.